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rachel ftvxThis is all ftv model extremely recent not something from long ago. It's ongoing. Almost 2 weeks since meeting I think. On cloud nine lately. Glad to have this outlet cause my most trusted friend is getting sick of hearing about this. Part one: http://ift.tt/2gYbm80 Part two: http://ift.tt/2h8YSL4 Uhhhhhh… Mmmpph. I was stirring awake and slowly opening my eyes. Damn what? Oh! Yup I woke up to the sound of one of the Housewives shows and my cock being stroked. What the fuck. I was on my back in bed and Marissa was nuzzling my chest paying attention to the tv while stroking me. She heard me wake and looked at me. "Hi sleepy head." "Hi. Oh fuck!" I panicked and looked for my phone realizing where I was and what I was doing and as I sat up she stopped stroking me and put her hand on my chest pushing me back down. "Baby calm down it’s ok you’ve got plenty of time!" "What time is it?!" "It’s 7, you’ve been asleep for over an hour. It’s ok baby. You need to calm down ok? Let me take care of you" and she pushed me back down and positioned herself to my left and sat with her legs crossed. She had put her panties back on but her tits were still out. I reached for one and then lay back down and she keeps rubbing my chest and with her other hand returns to stroking me and then she says; "Relax Kevin. I’m gonna make you cum again. Where do you wanna cum baby?" I wanted to blurt out I love you. Obviously I don’t but this was heaven. I swallowed, basically a gulp, and again reality hit me and I realized how insanely lucky I had gotten. Everything about her is soothing and therapeutic. I was focusing on her nipple with my hand as she focused on my cock. I just looked at her and didn’t answer before she started talking again. "Want to cum in my mouth again? Or in my pussy? Or on my face? You haven’t cum on my face yet Kevin." I didn’t think I could get any ftv girl violet harder but I felt the blood rush from the rest of my body in a hurry to get to my cock. She kept stroking. I was beginning to lose control. "I need to fuck you Marissa" and with that ftv girls hardcore I started to get up but she pushed me back down. "You need to rest plus I want to ride you anyways" and she brought her legs out from under her sticking them out and without getting off the bed got her panties off in the blink of an eye then threw a leg over me and straddled me. She wasted no time and put my cock right at her pussy to guide me in. "Fuck I love your cock. Will you cum inside me again? Please?" and she mounted my cock looking me in the eye and I just let out a big sigh. "You can cum whenever you want Kevin." "Are you sure?" "Just let go ok? Don’t fight it. Cum when you’re ready ok?" "OK" I responded somewhat sheepishly. "Oh God yes your cock feels so good inside me. Ohhhhhhh it’s so thick I love it." Marissa was alternating between gyrating and riding up and down both rather slowly. All the while she had her hands on my chest looking at me while talking. It was obvious she wanted to make me cum immediately. Again I remembered that she claims no guy has ever made her cum. I have always felt bad about not making my partner cum and this was something I was having to get used to. I felt my cum building up for what would be my 3rd shot ftv girls girl photo of the day and I said her name. "Marissa. I’m gonna cum." She responded by leaning down to my face with my cock still inside her and her hips still going up and down, put my face in her hands, kissed me, and said; "Cum inside me Kevin, I need it inside me, I want your cum inside me." She said it lightly, clearly, and almost like pleading for it. I was done. "Uhhhhh Marissa…" "Give it to me Kevin. Cum inside my pussy." I grabbed her ass and pushed my cock inside her as far as I could get it. I was pulling her pussy down on me and leaving not a millimeter to spare between our bodies. "Ohhhhh fuckkkkkk!" I grunted and dug my fingers into her ass and started shooting inside her. "Oh baby I feel it! Fuck yes! Gimme your cum!" I didn’t cum that much but I did enough. I realized I was hurting her ass with my grips and let go a little and she was kissing my neck and holding me tight as I alexa ftv came. I started to relax a little and the blood started leaving my cock but I was still inside her and she still had her head next to mine. She whispered into my ear "Thank you" which made my cock twitch. I just rubbed her head and said "You’re welcome baby. You can have my cum whenever." Marissa looked at me with my face in her hands and kissed me then said "thank you" lightly again but this time she kept looking at me silent for a few seconds. Then she slid off me and back to my side but left a hand to stay on my cock. Damn this girl just doesn’t stop making me smile. She laid on my shoulder and rilee ftv girls (http://klyq.co) chest paying attention to the tv then spoke up. "You gotta get in the shower soon. I’ll help clean you up. Your clothes are fine but we need to wash you off and dry your hair too. Good thing you don’t use gel or anything." Fuck. She was literally my partner in crime. Two steps ahead me thinking about my well being. I just said "thanks baby" as she tugged at and massaged my now worn out not really hard cock that was still covered in our juices. "Kevin…" "Yeah baby?" "Can I call you daddy sometimes? Is that too fucked up for you?" HOLY FUCK. WHAT NEXT? Was she going to tell me she was friends with all the Victoria’s Secret models and that they wanted to meet me. I mean fuck how much luckier can I get? "You can call me that baby." "Thanks daddy" and she kissed me on the cheek and went back to watching tv. We laid there for a few more minutes then she dragged me to the shower. I’d love to tell ftv Girls you that we fucked again but I was exhausted. I’m not in my 20’s anymore, don’t work out, and this girl had drained me 3X today. We took a shower and she scrubbed every inch of my body with a wash cloth and even washed my hair and then dried me off after. Then yes, she helped me get dressed. We kissed good bye and left at the same time a little while later and I told her I would call her tomorrow. In closing, I have never done crack or heroin, but I imagine it’s pretty close to the addiction I just picked up. I’m deep inside the rabbit hole. The fantasy is fucking real and so is the danger. I will update again when I ca

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